# Vintage Love

Image1, Credits to: 28BGM_FURNITURE.jpg

Recently I have been obsessing with the vintage furniture and the classy look of it (refer image 1). You can always give your existing old furniture a modern vintage look (refer image 2);   but there are some options where you can buy pocket friendly vintage furniture and fabric and remake your home.


Image 2, Credits to: palia_epipla-595-7_164758_092993.jpg

You can reuse the existing old furniture with dash of colours on the wall.

Within the vintage category, newer pieces, especially those dating from the 1950s to1980s, are generally considered Retro The difference between Retro and Vintage is that vintage refers to the actual old construction or make, whilst retro refers to the old appearance.

If you are combining different pieces from different eras make sure there are not too many colours or textures or prints at one place. (Refer image 3).It will make the room look larger.


Image 3, Credits to: flat-retro-style-old-tv-radio-retro-style-flat-interior-hipster-112280459.jpg


If you are going for the darker wood furniture then try and keep the floor plain and use pastel colours and soft prints on upholstery.

If you like retro vintage furniture with wooden grains in white wash (Refer image 4, 5) then you can use more colours as the furniture will act like canvas for your room. You can add more colours in cushions, rugs and on the wall.


 Image 4, 5, Credits to:  6f387c044202eed72d4c7d19fd88b25b.jpg,  pinterest images

 With this retro furniture you can use a whole lot of different prints and colours in rugs, curtains, cushion covers and other upholstery. (Refer images 6, 7)


Image 6, 7, Credits to: f59c37b5eee7ef1f9ecb2110fa2b72fa.jpg, comfortable-bright-living-room-colors-design-with-cozy-turquoise-leather-sofa-and-wooden-flooring-idea-cozy-colorful-sofa.jpeg 

Nature prints & bohemian prints go hand in hand with retro furniture. Boho-chic prints and fabric with vintage furniture is a match made in heaven (see image 6, 7).

To make your space cooler than ever you can print on some of the furniture like lamp shades or drawer chests with vintage prints and little bit of green in the corner. (See images 8, 9)


 Image 8, 9, Credits to:  142e2201a3493ac8c2d3c9270a79bad5.jpg, aa9b4275cc63546b917ecf0aec239f54.jpg


If you are not buying vintage furniture then you can always give some of your existing furniture a vintage look with some creative hacks.

You can read it in my next blog- 20 ways of turning your existing interiors into vintage.










Moving into a new apartment comes with many challenges and home decor adventures. Once your furniture moved in and found its place, it is time to think of a few more decor details.  

Here are some quick tips you can use while moving into a new place:

  • Paint smaller rooms in softer, lighter colors to help make the room feel larger.
  • Use decorative mirrors to add instant light to your living space.
  • add dash of vibrant colours with cushions ,pots, frames, rugs and small accessories
  • Mix up patterns and textures. Mix up old and new, expensive and inexpensive. Avoid going overboard with the bright colours and loads of textures in one small room
  • Paint or wallpaper your bookcases.
  • Use area pattern rugs on small areas
  • Add little green in the corner or hang it to give a character to the room.